| Freshiuz PacMan Offer #394092

Freshiuz PacMan Offer #394092

Offer Status Online
Payout Rate $6.24
Incentive No
EPC $37.330
UserAgents: Windows, Android, iOS, iPhone, Mobile

Allowed Countries
Offer Categories
Mobile Subscription - Gaming

Play PacMan on your mobile device rn Pixel fires on PIN submit rnCarriers: All. rnTraffic Allowed: All, incent permitted rnTraffic Restrictions: No Virtual Currency. No social media hacking websites (Example: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). No WhatsApp virals. No E-mail virals. No Viral of any kind. No SMS marketing. No WhatsApp Spam. No Viber Spam. No iFraming pages. No naming of operator in prelander. No naming of carrier, brands or institutions (banks, government, police etc). No placing on Affplus/Offervault/Odigger rnGeo: PortugalrnJogue PacMan no seu telefone!