| Cooliyobi Download Offer #381306

Cooliyobi Download Offer #381306

Offer Status Online
Payout Rate $6.24
Incentive No
EPC $13.460
UserAgents: Windows, Android, iOS, iPhone, Mobile

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Download content to your mobile devicern Pixel fires on PIN submit for WEB and WAP rnCarriers: All.rnTraffic Allowed: Incent PermittedrnTraffic Restrictions: No social media hacking websites (Example: Facebook Instagram Twitter) No WhatsApp virals No E-mail virals No Viral of any kind No SMS marketing No WhatsApp Spam No Viber Spam No E-mail (unless approved) No naming of operator in prelander No placing on Affplus/Offervault/OdiggerrnGeo: GreecernΛήψη Περιεχομένου στο Τηλέφωνό σας!